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Major brands/enterprises globally

2021-2027 Global Capacitor Industry Report Released.

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The report on the current situation and future development trend of the global and China fixed capacitor market from 2021 to 2027 has been released to the world by the famous market consulting company QY Research. Additionally, FRANKE GMKP ENERGY continues to be listed in the above report as one of the 25 major capacitor industry brands/enterprises in the world.

These reports serve as important references for industry executives, design and planning departments, and users to understand the general situation and future development of the industry and select products and brands. Many well-known company users, such as LG, DuPont, and Hitachi, have widely praised the report.

List of 25 major brands/enterprises globally.

1.ABB, 2.Schneider Electric, 3.Eaton, 4.Nissin Electric, 5.China XD, 6.Siyuan, 7.Guilin Power Capacitor, 8.Electronicon, 9.GE Grid Solutions, 10.Herong Electric, 11.New Northeast Electric, 12.TDK, 13.Vishay, 14.L&T, 15.LIFASA, 16.Shreem Electric, 17.Frako, 18.RTR, 19.ICAR, 20.DUCATI, 21.CIRCUTOR, 22.COMAR, 23.FRANKE GMKP ENERGY, 24.AB Power System, 25.KBR.