Company Culture

Company Mission
the purpose of for a better power 

FRANKE GMKP ENERGY is one of a leading company in power factor correction,energy management and power system, driven by a mission for a better future. Through innovative technologies and data-driven solutions, we optimize energy efficiency, reduce waste, and lower operational costs. By promoting sustainable practices and environmental awareness, aims to create a greener, more sustainable world for generations to come.

Company Aim

takes pride in German Brand and Quality

As one of a leading german brand company in power factor correction, energy management and power system, FRANKE GMKP ENERGY embodies the essence of "German brand and quality." German brand and quality are synonymous with excellence, precision, and reliability. Known for their meticulous attention to detail, German companies like Franke Energy are committed to delivering products and services that meet the highest standards. They prioritize innovation, cutting-edge technology, and sustainable practices, ensuring long-lasting and efficient solutions. By upholding the principles of German brand and quality, FRANKE GMKP ENERGY establishes itself as a trusted and dependable partner, providing customers with top-tier products and services that inspire confidence and deliver exceptional performance.

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Mr.  Bend, the Minister of Economic and Development Ministry of State South Dakota USA, visited FRANKE GMKP ENERGY and based on our German brand quality products and solutions, both parties have reached a broad consensus and intention to cooperate on energy efficiency and carbon reduction in North America, in order to jointly create better electricity.

Development Path

technology and innovation first

FRANKE GMKP ENERGY sets itself apart as a leading company in power factor correction,energy management and power system, by adhering to a "technology and innovation first" approach. This philosophy places cutting-edge technology and continuous innovation at the core of their development path. By embracing the latest advancements and staying at the forefront of industry trends, FRANKE GMKP ENERGY can offer state-of-the-art solutions that are efficient, reliable, and future-proof. Their commitment to technology and innovation allows them to develop groundbreaking products and services that cater to the evolving needs of their customers. Moreover, by upholding the esteemed German brand and quality, FRANKE GMKP ENERGY ensures that their solutions are not only advanced but also built to last, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and trust.



FRANKE GMKP ENERGY  was honored to be selected to participate in the IEEE 50th Anniversary Expo, showcasing our innovative technologies, products and solutions in reactive power compensation, energy management and power systems, contributing to the continuous development of industries and applications.