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ELECS Vietnam 2023
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ELECS Vietnam 2023

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Vietnam International Power and Energy Exhibition will be held from May 17 to 19, 2023 at ICE Convention Center, Hanoi, Vietnam.Germany FRANKE GMKP ENERGY (FGE) will participate in this exhibition, booth C28, we sincerely invite and welcome you to visit and guide.

The exhibition is co-organized by the Ministry of Industry and Energy of Vietnam, the Vietnam Industry Association and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Leading companies and emerging companies in the world's power and energy industry will gather together to discuss the future development of power and energy and adapt it to the needs and trends of Southeast Asia's economic development.

The exhibition features products, equipment and solutions in the following areas:


Power generation equipment and instrumentation: inspection and test equipment instrumentation, air handling equipment, diagnostics, monitoring, cooling equipment and services, diesel and gas engines, plant safety, gas control waste, bearings and gears, clutches and couplings, boilers, heat exchangers, energy information and technology, storage tanks and reservoirs, pumps and compressors, filters and filtration equipment.


Transmission and distribution products and equipment: Power transformers and components, switchgear/panel, switches and circuit breakers, wiring and distribution equipment, connection materials, substation automation, Power quality and efficiency, HVDC Associated equipment, battery protection systems, arresters, energy management and storage technologies, test and monitoring equipment, thermal parts, cameras, inverters, automation systems, microgrid security/safety equipment, lighting equipment, electrical engineering equipment, fire protection equipment, publications, communication systems.


Renewable energy and new energy: solar photovoltaic energy equipment, biological energy equipment, wind energy equipment, geothermal energy equipment, hydroelectric power equipment, waste energy equipment, ESS (energy storage system) and distributed power system, EMS (energy management system) and other renewable energy total equipment and PCS (energy regulation system).


FGE has been in the Vietnam market for more than 15 years and its products cover the whole range of high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage power systems. We look forward to your arrival, the exhibition site contact: Mr. Thiện.