Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR)
Product Description


The dynamic voltage regulator can be connected in series between all sensitive loads and the system power 

supply to prevent system voltage interference from causing abnormal operation of sensitive loads. To prevent 

system voltage fluctuations, drops, and flickers between the power supply and electrical load of semiconductor 

factories, resulting in a large amount of waste and huge economic losses in semiconductor factories.

How to use

The GMKP DVR is essentially a series compensation device with an energy storage device (system), which does 

not provide reactive power, but has the ability to compensate for active power. It operates modern power 

electronics technology to control power quality and provide a specific stable power supply. The GMKP DVR is 

connected to the system in the form of inverters in parallel and switching switches in series between the power 

supply and the protected load. When the system voltage undergoes a temporary drop, rise, or short interruption, 

the GMKP DVR will immediately cut off the input power supply and absorb the required energy from the built-in 

energy storage device of the device. Through a three-phase bridge inverter circuit system, a voltage supply load 

with the same amplitude and phase as the grid voltage is generated, The output voltage is seamlessly connected 

to the rated value, without interrupting the load power supply, ensuring stable operation of the equipment.


Manage single-phase, two-phase, and three-phase voltage sags with excellent compensation capabilities

Wide working range: handling various voltage sags including single-phase, two-phase, and three-phasQuick 

response: With fast response speed and a response time of only 1 millisecond, it can quickly compensate for 

voltage sags.

Standard protection time: With a standard three second protection time, it also supports customized other protection 

times according to needs.

Adjustable protection threshold: The protection threshold can be set based on the on-site load sensitivity to meet the 

needs of different loads.

Voltage transient control: able to control voltage transient within 130%, ensuring voltage stability.

Short time voltage interruption management: able to manage short time voltage interruption (100% deep voltage sag) 

and ensure the normal operation of equipment.No harmonic pollution: Adopting the fourth generation insulated gate 

bipolar transistor and multiple protection technology, as well as transformer isolation technology, can effectively avoid 

the problem of harmonic pollution.

Main rates

Rate voltage: 200V/230V/380V/400V/480V/600V/690V

Rate power: 10/15/50/75/100/200/315/500/630/800/1000/1250/1600/2500KV