Power Factor Correction
Active harmonic Filter
Product Description

Active Harmonic Filter

Application: power filter and power factor correction etc.

Series GMKPahf: for example GMKPahf400-100/4W/R: GMKPahf, 400V, 100A rack, 3P4W, 50Hz

Series GMKPahf: for example GMKPahf400-100/3W/R: GMKPahf, 400V, 100A rack, 3P3W, 50Hz

What's different: strong IGBT, three electric-level and AI operation technologies.


Outstanding performance

●Harmonics up to 52th

●Three-phase unbalance compensation

●Capacitive and inductive compensation: -1 to +1

●All these help avoid fine imposed due to a too low power factor


High stability and quick

●Real-time compensation, with the overall response time less than 15ms

●Dynamic reaction time is less than 50μs.

●Free of over-compensation, under-compensation, and harmonic resonance. The compensation capacity is equal to the installed capacity and is not affected by voltage drop.



●Concept of component-based design, with the same application mode as common reactive power compensation

●The capacity of the single module up to 150A and the single cabinet up to 500A. The cabinet is also customizable.

●Easy to use, transport, and maintain.

Main rates

●Rack and wall type up to 150A (10A,15A,20A,25A,30A,50A,75A,100A,150A), 400V/480A/690V, 3P4W or 3P3W

●Cabinet up to 500A,400V/480A/690V, 3P4W or 3P3W

More: Data Sheet and Specification GMKPAHF Active Harmonic Filter 

See product vidio at https://fb.watch/mHrKSxp5-L/