IGBT Capacitor
Product Description

IGBT Capacitor

Application: it can buffer the IGBT module and gate voltage, while also helping to protect the IGBT chip from voltage changes.

Series GMKPigfor example GMKPig 1300-330: GMKPigbt capacitor, 1300V, 330uf, 50Hz
What's different: all film, long service life.

How to use

IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) capacitors are commonly used to improve the performance and efficiency of IGBT modules in power electronics applications. To use an IGBT capacitor effectively, select capacitors with suitable voltage and capacitance ratings, follow manufacturer guidelines for installation, and ensure proper cooling to enhance longevity and reliability.



●Highest pulse current withstand capability


●Very low losses 



●Compact volume

●Low weight and low height


●Reduce mounting costs



●All film


●No pollution & PCB free

●Friendly manufacture


●Save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emission 

Main rates

●Up to 3000V 1500uf 50/60Hz


More: Data Sheet and Specification IGBT Capacitor