The users of world's top 500
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The users of world's top 500 Companies

As FRANKE GMKP ENERGY (FGE) is one of the leading manufacturers and promoters in the power factor correction industry, maintaining a world-renowned German brand and quality, our perennial customers include Siemens, ABB, Volkswagen, General Electric, Panasonic, Toyota, Pepsi, Carrefour, and other well-known international companies. 

Our Business Case exceeds 1000+  

with over Cooperators 100+   

and a presence in Market Region 30+

Additionally, FGE partners in major projects such as Olympic Engineering, World Expo, Nuclear Power Plants, and DC Transmission. We are also proud to be an important OEM supplier in our industry, serving well-known capacitor brands, capacitor device manufacturers, and power quality service and engineering companies in Europe and America.

The following is only a part of our users from the world's top 500 companies. You can also request their user evaluation reports from us.

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