GMKP Multi-Protection Capacitor
Product Description

GMKP Multi-Protection Capacitor (Innovative Capacitor)

Application: power factor correction, power detuning and power filter etc.

Series GMKPt: for example GMKPt400-3-50: GMKPt over-temperature capacitor, 400V, three phase, 50Kvar, 50Hz

Series GMKPd: for example GMKPd400-3-50: GMKPd over-temperature and failure protection capacitor, 400V, three phase, 50Kvar, 50Hz

What's different: Always worried about capacitor heating, damage, or even explosion? 

The widespread use of electrical devices leads to an overheating environment during capacitor operation, caused by system over-voltage, over-current, and harmonic wave overload. These issues result in overheating of the capacitor's interior components, leading to failure. This not only affects working efficiency and regular production but also increases running costs. To protect the capacitors, the over-temperature ones must be automatically disconnected temporarily before the interior components overheat and exceed their temperature limit.

Our innovative GMKPt Over-Temperature Protection Capacitors feature a special interior temperature protection terminal. GMKPt can temporarily automatically disconnect itself before the capacitor's interior elements overheat and exceed their temperature limit and reconnect when the capacitor's interior temperature recovers. This extends the capacitor's lifespan, saving operating costs over an extended period, making GMKPt a new,safe and long-lasting capacitor with an extended service life.

gmkpd capacitor 60K.jpg

Additionally, an optional sensing switch can be added within GMKPt to signal or automatically remove a failed capacitor, ensuring that the system's reactance rate remains unchanged and providing more accurate, safe, and reliable protection for detuned and filter system. This series is called GMKPd, offering multi-protection against capacitor over-temperature and failure.



●Highest pulse current withstand capability


●Very low losses 

●Internal discharge device (Special design)

●large capacity and hollow-out, air motion enabled terminal (Special design)

●Long service life


●Compact volume

●Low weight and low height


●Reduce mounting costs

●Inner six engle nut wiring terminal

●Any position mounting is available on request


●Over-temperature protection (Innovative design)

●Failure protection (Innovative design)

●Over-temperature and failure protection (Innovative design)

Dry type design


●Over-pressure and over-current tear off (Special design)


●Touch-proof terminal

●Integral aluminum shell, triple seal and expansion ring to ensure shell strength, no leakage and ultimately enhance the effectiveness of over-pressure working system (Special design)


●PCB free

●No pollution

●Friendly manufacture


●Save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emission 

Other Application

●Outdoor pole mounting

Main rates

●400V/415V/440V/480V/525V, 15 to 50Kvar three phase 50/60Hz

●230V/250V/280V/300V, 15 to 30Kvar three phase 50/60Hz

●690V/815V/1000V, 15 to 30Kvar three phase 50/60Hz

●230V/250V/280V/300V/400V/440V/480V, 15 to 30Kvar single phase 50/60Hz

More: Data Sheet and Specification GMKPt/GMKPd Power Capacitor