GMKPsmart Capacitor
Product Description

GMKPsmart Capacitor (Mini Capacitor bank)

Application: power detunning and power filter etc.,conomic solution of replace normal small size capacitor bank up to 100Kvar.

Series GMKPsmart: for example GMKPsmart400-3-50(20+30): GMKPsmart capacitor, 400V, three phase, 50Kvar of 20Kvar+30Kvar, 50Hz.

What's different: special mini capacitor bank, strong self-healing,multiple safety design,electrical and safety design suitable for developing country's power grids etc


Structure (Internal capacitor unit)

Overall aluminum shell

Integrated non-indentation groove shell (Special design)

●hollow-out ventilation and top two-way terminal block (Special design)

Novel hexagonal fastening wiring bolt wiring (Special design)

Surface cover is equipped with safety double expansion ring (Special design)

The middle part is pasted with product nameplate

The bottom is equipped with studs and elastic gaskets

Triple flanging sealing

●No external discharge box is needed (Special design)

Electrical and safety design suitable for developing country's power grids (Special design)

Electrical (Internal capacitor unit)

●Highest pulse current withstand capability


●Very low losses 

●Internal discharge device (Special design)

●large capacity and hollow-out ventilation terminal (Special design)

●Long service life


●Compact volume

●Low weight and low height


●Reduce mounting costs

●Any position mounting is available on request


●Dry type design


●Over-pressure and over-current tear off (Special design)


●Touch-proof terminal

●Integral aluminum shell, triple seal and expansion ring to ensure shell strength, no leakage and reliable safety operation (Special design)


●PCB free

●No pollution

●Friendly manufacture


●Save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emission 

Other Application

●Three phase and single phase conpensation

●Static fast switching

MCCB control is available on request

Innovative design

●Multi-Protection capacitor (Special design)

Main rates

●400V/415V/440V/450V/480V/525V, 5 to 100Kvar three phase 50/60Hz

●230V/250V/280V/300V, 5 to 30Kvar three phase 50/60Hz

●230V/250V/280V/300V/400V/440V/480V, 5 to 30Kvar single phase 50/60Hz

More: Data Sheet and Specification GMKPsmart Power Capacitor