Super Capacitor
Product Description

Super Capacitor

Application: Super capacitors, also known as ultracapacitors or electric double-layer capacitors (EDLCs), are energy storage devices with remarkable capabilities. Unlike traditional batteries, super capacitors store charge on the surface of their electrodes, enabling rapid charge and discharge cycles. Their unique features include high power density, long lifespan, and quick charging times.

Series GMKPspfor example GMKPsp 690-330: GMKP super capacitor, 690V, 330uf, 50Hz
What's different: large capcity and long service life.

How to use

To use a super capacitor, one must first ensure proper voltage and capacitance ratings for their specific application. When charging, it's essential to monitor voltage levels carefully to avoid overcharging. During discharging, the stored energy can be released for power-intensive tasks. Regular maintenance and monitoring of super capacitors ensure their optimal performance and longevity.


Super capacitors find applications in various industries, such as automotive (hybrid and electric vehicles), renewable energy systems, consumer electronics, and industrial machinery. They are used to enhance energy efficiency, stabilize power supply, and buffer energy fluctuations.


●Highest pulse current withstand capability


●Very low losses 



●Compact volume

●Low weight and low height


●Reduce mounting costs



●Safety capacitor film



●PCB free

●No pollution

●Friendly manufacture


●Save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emission 


Main rates

●Up to 3000V 1500uf 50/60Hz


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